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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Jan/2005: "Environment Policy"

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Environment Policy

Picture of two different muesli packagings

May be this is an improvement, but if it is I fail to see it. I usually have a Tesco own brand muesli for breakfast. A few weeks ago they ran out at my local store, but as I had enough at home I could wait. Last week I started to run out at home and checked if they finally had new stock. They did, only the packaging had changed:

The old packing was some kind of plastic bag holding 1.5kg, I think 750g was also available. That's the one on the left in the picture. Now they only seem to have 750g packs and the packaging is different: Instead of just the plastic bag you now get a plastic bag inside a cardboard box (that's the one on the right in the picture). Or in other words, instead of one piece of rubbish (the plastic bag) I now have two pieces (the plastic bag and the cardboard box) once I've finished the contents.

Thinking about this I thought let's see what Tesco has to say about it and sent them an e-mail, quoting their Environment Policy: We aim to apply the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling to the management of our products and their packaging. Soon the mail from the autoresponder arrived confirming that they had received my mail and that I might have to wait for an answer due to the volume of mail they receive.

But the answer came quite quick, by lunchtime the next day I had a reply: Fairly non-commital, but I was told that my feedback had been forwarded to the department dealing with such matters. They would look at it in their next review meeting and while she couldn't promise any action will be taken my input was welcome.

Considering the amount of mail, questions and complaints they probably receive I didn't expect much more, actually, I was expecting less. But the e-mail really talked about my complaint and didn't seem to consist out of standard text clips sent to everyone. I guess now it's wait and see to find out if I made an impact, as I have no intention to change my breakfast habits I'll see if and how the packaging changes.

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