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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Jan/2005: "Podcasting?"

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Even The Cartoonist recently started podcasting, the latest fad on the interweb (Definition of Podcasting). I doubt that he, Dave Winer and Adam Curry read The Herald, otherwise they would have read the following under a picture of Kevin and Perry with headsets and microphones:

The Last Word; Podcasting: Also known as DIY radio. The idea is that anyone with a computer can record their own show and upload it to the internet; listeners can download it on to their MP3 players and enjoy it at leisure. Great: broadcast democracy at last. But you know what it means in reality is spotty teenagers playing six hours of crunk and grime, and middle-aged men uploading their entire collection of Amazulu 12" extended remixes. Bet you can't wait for that. (from Saturday's The Herald)

Hm, I think I can wait. And I hope Ralf forgives me for this entry. I just couldn't resist.

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