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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Jan/2005: "Rip-Off Reduction"

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Rip-Off Reduction

I've had that link in my bookmarks (that's "favorites" for IE users) for a while, an entry at Blue Witch and a call I had to make Saturday reminded me of it (where I had to get through one of these "Press 1 for, press 2 for" menus, but that's a different story). If you live in the UK you might want to bookmark it as well: What does it do?

It is a dictionary of alternative numbers to the non-geographical 0870 or similar numbers. Most mobile phone providers do not include these numbers in their inclusive minutes (mine certainly doesn't), landline providers typically charge more for those calls than for others. By using the geographical number you can often save money (or utilise the free minutes of your contract). Another way to fight Rip-Off Britain.

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