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Ministry of Propaganda - 09/Jan/2005: "Dear Spammer..."

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Dear Spammer...

you might not have noticed, but this weblog doesn't have a comment function. Instead what you see at the bottom of each individual entry is just a comment form which sends me an e-mail. That's all it does, honestly. Nothing more, nothing less. So while I find it very kind of you not wanting me to feel excluded, what you are doing is a bit pointless. You see, sending me something like this

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won't exactly get you very far. It won't help your pagerank, Google doesn't index my e-mail and in particular not my spam folder. Where it invariably ends up due to my Bayes Filter based spam filter (among others).

So how about instead of wasting your time you just give up, go somewhere else and do something more useful? But if you must, then just go here instead. If you're lucky and your spam is any good I might even play with it (note to self: time to do some work on this site when you find time).

Thank you for listening.

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