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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/Jan/2005: "Ben Vane (2)"

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Ben Vane (2)

Picture of a sunset over Ben Vane

When I blogged about my day hillwalking on Ben Vane a few weeks ago, Stuart sent me a comment Good to see the weather hasn't stopped you taking some great pictures though! Despite the weather I was reasonably happy with some of the pictures, although I'm not sure if they really capture the atmosphere, the mood up on the hill.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested in more pictures and a panorama, here are my latest additions to the Scotland Winter 2004 Travelogue: A cloudy day hillwalking to the summit of Ben Vane and a QuickTime VR panorama of a cloudy view from Ben Vane. I'll let you judge if the pictures are great and if you think they convey something of the tranquil yet exciting mood up on the hill...

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