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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/Jan/2005: "Back to Work"

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Back to Work

Picture of a advent wreath being dismantled

Considering that today is still a bank holiday here in the UK the title of this entry might look a bit strange. But as I ran out of candles yesterday I decided that for me the "holiday season" is over and started to dismantle my Adventskranz.

Tomorrow it's time to get back to "real" work, today will be used for some new year cleaning and tidying up. As well as possibly some blogging. Not about work though, as I don't write much (if anything) about work or work related things (depending on where you draw the line of what is work related) here. I don't make a secret of where I work, you can quite easily find that out and you can also find the odd reference in my archives. But I now prefer to keep work and what I write about here largely separate, while others have a different approach. I just don't think it's right to write about things I hear about or experience at work, especially with colleagues (as far as I know some occasionally read this blog and my managers at least know about it, although that shouldn't make a difference to what I write about). Why risk hurting their feelings, even if I don't mention names? I also wouldn't like anything I write about here to be linked to my employer (I don't speak for the company, others are paid to do that), although I guess this would still happen through simple association. So I simply don't write about certain topics here (and bite my tongue and don't comment in other weblogs about certain topics). A difficult balance, I hope I'm getting it right.

If you have a blog, how do you handle this?

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