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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/Aug/2004: "The Professionalizer"

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The Professionalizer

Screenshot from the demo, a creepy cartoon kid and a computerIn the next few minutes I will show you how easy it is to turn a simple sentence into a professional sentence. And then creepy kid (who for some reason has a female voice even though it looks like a boy to me) proceeds to transform the perfectly normal sentence "I admire your work" into the mutant "I greatly appreciate your complicated work". This miracle is performed by WhiteSmoke, a revolutionary new language enrichment tool.

Apparently this thing has won a few stars at software reviews, why is beyond me. It seems to do what it promises, but if the promise is the right one is another question. On the contrary, I'd like to be able to write more concise sentences sometimes. (found at Transblawg, who is not endorsing this tool either)

Sorry, I don't admire your work. Or should that be I'm afraid I strongly disapprove your ingenious work?

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