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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/Aug/2004: "Light and serious reading"

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Light and serious reading

Time to get away from the computer a bit and do some reading. Reading books that is, not computer related. One of a more lighter nature, one of a more serious (very serious, actually) nature:

This morning I finished Green for Danger, an anthology of 20 stories with a theme of "crime in the countryside". You might think of the countryside as quiet and peaceful, in contrast to the crime-ridden cities. These stories play with that cliche and describe all kind of murders and intrigues coming out from under the tranquil surface. Some of the stories are stronger, others weaker, all in all a good read.

This afternoon I decided to get out a bit and drove over to Oxford. As usual I couldn't resist the lure of the bookshops, luckily it didn't end as bad as it usually does and I only left with one book: The End of Oil - The Decline of the Petroleum Economy and the Rise of a New Energy Order - by Paul Roberts (paperback version). I first heard of this book in a feature in The Herald (available via Google cache) about the potential impact of the end of the oil economy as we know it. That feature made me start thinking about it, now I decided to read the book.

I've only read the prologue of the book so far but it promises to be a very interesting read. It will focus on how dependent our economies are on a stable and reliable supply of energy and in particular oil. Keeping in mind that the oil will definitely run out (the question is not if but when) and that it will become scarce and very expensive long before then the implications are huge. How will the transition to whatever energy (and raw material, keeping in mind how many petrochemical products surround us) source we will be using happen? Some of us might not experience this transition any more, but in particular the younger generation should be very worried about it and the implications.

I'll probably write more about it as I read the book but definitely once I've finished it.

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