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Ministry of Propaganda - 21/Aug/2004: "Saturday Morning"

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Saturday Morning

Morning all! I guess it's time that I write something here again. What have I been up to the last few days?

Thursday evening was spent creating another panorama for the still under construction Scotland Summer 2004 travelogue. I've now made it to the summit of Goatfell, you can enjoy the view in the QuickTime VR panorama of the view south-west-north from the summit of Goatfell. I'll probably add at least one more panorama from the walk before moving on to the next day from the travelogue. Wait and see.

As there's currently nobody in the flat below me (I think the place is for sale) and my neighbours on the same floor are far enough from my living room I can listen to some loud music without really disturbing others. For some reason I quite like to listen to AC/DC - Back in Black at the moment. Which has to be played loud.

Yesterday I did my shopping for the weekend and next week and when I was at Tesco I decided it was an evening for a pizza, some beer and a video. I went for The Bourne Identity (Special Edition). Not exactly highbrow entertainment, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. Somewhere I read someone calling it "James Bond franchise for the new millennium" (or something along those lines), an action movie without the outrageous and unbelievable stunts, a secret agent but without all the weird gadgets James Bond usually uses. I think there's some truth to it. While I like the James Bond movies (I think Pierce Brosnan has done a good job in the latest ones) they started to feel a bit dated despite all the changes they made to adapt him to the changes in the modern world. I guess I will be watching The Bourne Supremacy when it comes out on video (I know I could go to the cinema now. But I prefer to watch it when I want to and without lots of people around me commenting, eating popcorn, sending text messages etc). The trailer looks good.

Finally, as this is a weblog, have a few links I found interesting the last few days:

That was a fairly long post. I hope you're up to date now ;-)

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