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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/Apr/2004: "No, I'm not in London"

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No, I'm not in London

Screendump of the details I was given

I've just come over a service which claims it can give quite accurate information about where a visitor is from. They call themselves Ipowered - IP Location Services. In a little box they display what they believe they know about you, the picture on the left is a screen dump of what they claimed where I was.

Most of it is right, which wasn't exactly difficult to determine as they obviously know my provider. But this is where I'm beginning to have my doubts:

They claim I'm in London. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I'm not, I'm in Swindon which is something like 60 miles west of London. Reasonably close, but still wrong.

I don't know how BT distributes their IP-Adresses, but if they (or another UK ISP) distribute them all over the country I can foresee some interesting results: A Scot being told he's in England, a Geordie being told he's in London or an Essex Girl being told she's in Newcastle. I don't think this looks professional at all (as they claim on their website), on the contrary, it might even confuse some people and send them straight to another site.

But I'm curious now, how accurate is their service? Their FAQ have some data about the accuracy, but I'd like to know if some of the scenarios I described above are happening. Which means I need your help: Can you visit their site and let me know how close (or how far off) they were?

End of entry

Entry trivia

Dodgy picture of the moment:

Picture of a family

This is somewhere in the Solling in Germany. Which I don't know because of IP Location Services but because my mother told me.

End of entry trivia

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