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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/Apr/2004: "Referer spam"

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Referer spam

I'm not in the greatest mood anyway (annoying cold causing my ears to be blocked, so that my hearing is reduced dramatically. But that's another story), but I'm really getting annoyed about some of the referer spamming the last few days.

Why do I have to find a website for an "escort service" in Milan/Italy in my logfiles? a) I'm not interested in your services and b) even if I was interested in the services of an escort agency, Milan is a bit far from Swindon.

But even worse, I even find sites propagating this rubbish in my referers: Referral Genie for example. Not only that, they also have fake websites like this one and this one. Before I forget, they also have a fake "blog" where none of the external links is working. Strange that. Another one for the blacklists: Terra Firma Scripts

If there are any fairies or genies out there which fulfil wishes for bloggers, can you please take this horrible cold and the blocked ears and all the rest of it and give it to these annoying spammers?

Thank you, feeling slightly better now. But only slightly.

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