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Ministry of Propaganda - 04/Apr/2004: "Chernobyl by Motorbike"

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Chernobyl by Motorbike

I know this has been blogged on various sites. I know it has been in the news in various countries. Some people have their doubts about its authenticity. But I still decided to link to it (two links actually, as the site might be moving at some point):

It is the story of Elena who rode her motorbike into the radioactive contaminated area around Chernobyl/Ukraine (if you're too young or don't remember, this is where a nuclear reactor exploded in April 1986) and took quite a few pictures of the evacuated city (the "Ghost Town" as she calls it) and the landscape.

Some people have questioned her story and her motives, I believe it is genuine. Even if it isn't, in my eyes it is well told and the pictures are scary. Certainly made me think about what happened there and the risks we are taking with nuclear energy.

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Decided not post one with this posting, doesn't feel right in combination with the pictures on the site I linked to above

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