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Ministry of Propaganda - 31/Dec/2003: "Last post (for 2003)"

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Last post (for 2003)

I thought about commenting on why the BBC doesn't care about Dinner for One (I think because the thing is dead boring). But then I couldn't really be bothered. And I'm happy that I don't have to endure it over here in England.

Instead just the 628th post for this year, a quick look back at 2003. Not that you care, but what do I care if you care?

Let's start with this blog. 627 posts since the 11th of Jan, when I moved my old blog to this site. Some of the more interesting (or noteworthy for me) posts:

Then the travelling. I managed to squeeze in three trips up to Scotland:

I also visited various places in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire as well as Wales, unfortunately not all of it written up yet. Only the visit to my sister in Heidelberg/Germany had to be cancelled (now planned for 2004).

Anything else noteworthy (at least for me)?

And that concludes 2003 for me (and this blog). Once this entry is posted I'll have my year end dram before going to bed to sleep into the new year.

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