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Ministry of Propaganda - 27/Dec/2003: "North German Food"

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North German Food

Christmas is over, I'm on the plane to Amsterdam where I'll change plane to catch the flight to Bristol. My first blog posting written in a plane (although not uploaded from the plane). Christmas was nice, seeing my parents and sister again as well as an aunt and uncle I hadn't met for over two years.

This Christmas was also an opportunity to enjoy some North German food: On Boxing Day my mother made some "Kohl und Pinkel", a dish which is only made from December to February. I didn't go on a Kohlfahrt but enjoyed the meal nevertheless (picture below left).

Picture of Armin eating Kohl und PinkelToday we drove to Bad Zwischenahn near Oldenburg, where we visited a restaurant called Der Spieker. It is in an old building with wooden beams in the dining room. Tourist brochures would probably call it "gemütlich":
Picture of the restaurant Der Spieker

Picture of the waiter preparing the eelThe speciality served in Der Spieker is smoked eel. First a plate with several smoked eels of various sizes (the tags attached show the price, depending on size) is put on the table:
Picture of plate with 6 smoked eels
Once you have chosen the eel the waiter skins the eels, starting from the head and pulling the skins about half way down. Not all of us had eel (there were also Bratkartoffeln (fried potatos), Spiegelei (fried egg) and Granat (small shrimps from the North Sea)), although all at least tried:

Picture of Imke eating smoked eel
Picture of Bratkartoffeln (fried potatos)
Picture of my parents enjoying their meal
Picture of my aunt and myself

And that's enough North German food. Back to strange sandwiches on the flight from Amsterdam to Bristol now, where I'm finishing this entry (it will be uploaded from home).

End of entry

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When writing this entry the weather was: clear, great views from the plane

When writing this entry I was listening to: nothing apart from the hum of the engines and air-conditioning

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