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Ministry of Propaganda - 25/Dec/2003: "Horse Trekking"

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Horse Trekking

Kind of a surprise update, as I hadn't really planned to do any blogging over Christmas. But as I'm able to connect to the Interwebthingy here in Germany I thought I fulfil a promise I gave to my sister a few months ago.

With quite a lot of help from my sister I proudly present a few Horse Trekking in Wales pages. 90% of the picture credits go to my sister, 5% to another rider (who took the picture of her on a horse) and the final 5% to myself (I took one of the pictures of the riding centre). We share the writing credits equally, I did the coding and some of the text, my sister was responsible for the text and the facts.

Enjoy the pictures and have a Merry Christmas!

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