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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Nov/2003: "Celebrities need not apply"

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Celebrities need not apply

This weekend I noticed an interesting ad (actually, there were two) in the current edition of Private Eye (unfortunately the ad is not available online).

The headlines were quite interesting already: Country House Estate up for Grabs and Former Duke's Island Estate For Sale. But the text of the ads was even better, a few quotes:

Would suit privacy seeking celebrity with impeccable - so that's Halliwell, Posh, Cilla, Rod, Elton, Hucknell & Cowell out for starters.

...location for for less than the price of a Chelsea semi and without the threat of muggings or appearing in the Mirror's surveillance column constantly hanging over your helmet

Would suit privacy seeking celeb with impeccable taste (so forget it Brittany, Naomi, Jerry, Geri, Cilla, Camilla, Posh and Wee Jimmy Krankie

The place in question? Dippin Lodge on the Isle of Arran. Too bad I don't have the money to buy it, it looks like a fantastic place. But what is all this celebrity bashing about?

The Scotsman has more details why celebrities need not apply.

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