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Ministry of Propaganda - 31/Oct/2003: "Postal Strike"

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Postal Strike

I was wondering why there was no mail this morning, now I know why: Postal workers in Swindon have joined the unofficial strike. Great. While it doesn't have a big impact for me it's still annoying, not sure if I'll receive my weekly magazines tomorrow.

I believe in a way they are digging their own grave: Strikes are costly and Royal Mail is struggling anyway. More and more people will look for alternatives, so Royal Mail is likely to lose more customers. Which in turn will lead to more cuts, exactly what the strikers want to stop.

Currently a lot of payments in the UK are still made by cheque. I've already changed that and do almost all my banking online. The only time I use cheques is if someone pays me and sends me a cheque. I hope that will change soon and they will just do a bank transfer. And others might follow.

More and more tasks can be completed online, the Inland Revenue has quite a few offerings. This might drive more people to consider online filing to avoid late submission penalties. Which again means less business for the postal services.

More and more publications are available online. Not as comfortable to read, but I guess unless they return to work I will read The Economist and BusinessWeek online tomorrow. As I have subscriptions I can read the full edition online. May be that will be the way other people decide to read more anyway? Again less business for the postal service.

Well, let's see how this develops. Looks like there are quite a few annoyed people looking for alternatives.

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