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Ministry of Propaganda - 19/Oct/2003: "Leak proof e-mail?"

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Leak proof e-mail?

The BBC reports on Microsoft Outlook 2003, in particular mentioning "Information Rights Management" (IRM). The claim is that it can restrict who will be able to read an e-mail, print it, forward it, etc. Looking at the Outlook 2003 information page I wonder how this will work: In the "Work with Others More Easily" section (ahem, more easily?) it says "IRM functionality requires Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 running Microsoft Windows® Rights Management Services (RMS)".

So what happens if someone using this sends me an e-mail protected by this IRM? I don't use Outlook, so my e-mail client doesn't know anything of IRM. Will this mean I won't be able to open the mail? Or will it mean that I can still do whatever I want with the e-mail as the IRM won't work?

This sounds a bit dubious to me, either it won't make working with others easier (unless they use all the required Microsoft software) or the rights management won't work properly anyway. Or am I missing something here?

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