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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/Sep/2003: "Various links"

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Various links

Today I feel like posting just a potpourri of various links. No specific reason, I just feel like it.

Not exactly what you expect from a rock star, but then again he's probably a father like any other: Bob Geldof is unhappy about the amount of sex advice in teeny magazines. Would be interesting to hear what the Conservatives have to say about this. After all this is part of the free market they always claim to support, magazines write about what their readers want to read about...

Apparently a lot of the information the Iraqi National Congress (INC) provided to the US secret services was of not much use. "...the organisation invented or exaggerated their claims to have personal knowledge of the regime and its alleged weapons of mass destruction". Hm, this couldn't be because they had a personal interest in overthrowing the old regime and potentially taking over themselves? Isn't its chairman now the president of the governing council? Strange that... (also in the New York Times)

While I agree that a lot of PowerPoint presentations go wrong and some of it probably due to the tool, the New York Times gets it right with its balanced report about the recent discussion about the Columbia desaster and the PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint has its failures, but ultimately it's just the tool. If the engineers had used another presentation tool they would still not necessarily have given that crucial point the right prominence.

Some really cool panoramas here: WHTour : UNESCO World Heritage in panoramic QTVR. Fantastic!! (via the New York Times report about QuickTime VR panoramas, which also mentions the excellent

That's enough links, dinner time. Next I'll probably update my Blogging Abroad list.

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