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Blogging Abroad (Expat Bloggers)

While surfing from Blog to Blog I found quite a few from people living abroad. As a German living in England I found this interesting, so I thought I start a list of these blogs. The result is this page. I didn't sort them by anything, they are just listed in random order.

If you think you qualify to be listed on this page please send me an email with your details and I'll add your blog as soon as possible.

Then Now Blog Language RSS?
Germany England Armin Grewe's Ministry of Propaganda EN yes
Scotland France Stuart Mudie's - Weblog EN yes
Germany England Ralf Zeigermann's The Cartoonist EN, DE yes
USA England Adam Curry's Weblog EN yes
Britain USA Hugh Madison's Writing Novels - American Invisible, Inc EN yes
England Italy Ben Hammersley's Ben EN yes
Canada France Dean Allen's EN yes
USA Germany Scott Hanson's PapaScott EN yes
England Hungary Mark Griffith's EN no
Australia Japan Jeremy Hedley's Antipixel | Blog EN yes
USA Sweden Francis Strand's How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons EN, SE yes
England USA Jennie's British in the USA EN no
Ireland Austria Rodney Breen's life as it happens EN no
England USA Joanna Newman's [ dancing queen ] EN no
Canada England Lisa MacDonald's blog from a broad: Lisa's nonsensical ramblings EN no
Iran Canada Davood Jafarzade Fard's Iransara in English EN no
USA England Zach Anthony's Wanderingz EN no
Ghana England Fred Anane Frimpong's EN yes
England Germany Matthew Langham's The Silent Penguin EN yes
France USA Cedric Beust's Otaku, Cedric's weblog EN yes
Romania Germany Jamie's LittleJamie DE no
England Netherlands Paul Pritchard's Thinking Aloud EN yes
Germany England Clemens Orth's Leben auf der Insel/Living on an Island DE/EN yes
England USA Junio's You Say Tomato : I Say Tomahto EN no
Canada Korea Chris Kovacs's EN yes
World World Steven Carlson, et al's nowEurope EN yes
Netherlands Belgium Morgaine LeFaye's Morgaine LeFaye Net : Blog EN,NL,FR yes
Canada USA Heather Champ's heather powzek champ EN yes
England Germany Ruth & John Keys' Keys Corner EN yes
Denmark USA Jacob Piil's weblog from a Dane abroad EN yes
Germany USA Elke Sisco's Elkes Wunderblog/Elkit in Wonderland DE/EN no
Australia France Katia's An Australian Lass, a Frenchman & a Burmese EN no
USA Germany Sattva's raskal trippin EN yes
USA Japan Jim O'Connell's WireFarm EN yes
USA France Anna Stevenson's EN yes
USA Australia Greg Altreuter's (Southern Cross) Words EN no
USA England Jason Cook's cambridge mba blog EN no
Iran Canada Hossein Derakhshan's Editor: Myself (English)/(Persian) EN/FA yes
Ireland Germany Eamonn Fitzgerald's Rainy Day EN yes
Switzerland Spain Zorra's zorra im wald DE yes
USA England Robert Tumminello's Expat Yank EN no
Canada China Randall's BWG - Adventures of a Big White Guy living in Hongkong EN yes
Australia Scotland Shauna's what's new, pussycat? EN yes
Malaysia Canada Steph's dandruff::Eternal bad hair days EN yes
France Canada Karl's Karl & Cow - Le carnet Web FR yes
England Germany Margaret Marks' Transblawg EN yes
Romania France Gabriel Radic's aah, nebunii de-ale mele... RO, EN yes
UK Israel Adrian's Expat Egghead and Cathy EN no
Australia England Derren Wilson's I live on your visits EN yes
Philippines USA Lia Bulaong's EN yes
Belgium USA Katrien's Purrplexity EN no
Switzerland Canada Franziska's Gartentage DE yes
Norway France Anders Jacobsen's Blog EN yes
Scotland Germany Stuart Savory's Stu Savory's Blog EN yes
Scotland USA Gregor Smith's Scam City version 6.0 EN yes
Australia UK Michael Jennings' Michael Jennings EN no
Australia UK Tim Ireland's Bloggerheads - the weblog of Tim Ireland (aka Manic) EN no
Australia UK Anthony J Hicks' - weblog EN yes
USA France Erik Svane's EN, FR no
Germany England Konstantin's London Leben DE no
England Hungary Simon's Amstelladagain EN no
UK Belgium Zoe's My Boyfriend Is A Twat EN no
Australia Scotland Rory Ewins' Speedysnail EN yes
USA Germany Renée Goodvin's Culture Shock and the blondelibrarian EN yes
USA Denmark Greg Nagan's Moron Abroad EN no
USA Sweden Tracey Marshall's digressions from an itinerant photographer EN, SE yes
Canada France Elissa and Michelle's les filles in Glasgow (oops) Paris EN yes
USA Philippines Weston's Weston EN yes
USA Norway Theresa's Bagatell :: Knitting in Norway EN, NO no
UK Bermuda Phil's A Limey In Bermuda EN yes
Wales Italy Peter Gillies' A Welshman in Milano EN yes
Wales USA Natalie's A Welsh Girl In Washington EN no
USA Germany Greg's Greg's World EN yes
Germany Japan Dr. Karl-Friedrich Lenz' Lenz Blog EN yes
Norway UK Ben Danielsen's J+B=Us EN yes
Italy UK Stef's #31 EN, IT yes
USA England Jacob Sager Weinstein's Yankee Fog EN yes
USA England Monica's An American in London EN yes
Scotland USA Alan's The curious adventures of a Scotsman in California EN yes
USA Japan Various people contribute to The Expat / EN yes
England France Anonymus' petite anglaise - lost in france EN yes
USA France Vivien's Dispatches from France EN yes
USA Germany Andis Kaulins' LawPundit EN yes
UK USA Ali Hawke's Quantum Tea: Fresh Brewed Weblog EN yes
USA Austria Mig's Metamorphosism EN yes
Germany Austria Novala's Ss.p - Novalas Europa EN yes
Luxembourg Germany Martin Röll's Das E-Business Weblog DE, EN yes
USA Germany Dave Oeskovic's Daily Dose of Dave EN yes
USA Europe Doktor Mabuse's The Synchronicity of Indeterminacy EN yes
Germany Austria Thomas Hassan's Wos waas a Fremda? EN, DE yes
Armenia Claudia's & Douglas' Halfway down the Danube EN yes
Australia Sweden Marie's How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Herring EN no
USA Sweden Shazzer's ShazzerSpeak EN yes
Canada England Su Lin's A Canadian Postgraduate in London EN no
USA Germany Nathan's CHILLMOST.COM - Notes from Germany EN yes
UK Portugal Rogi's Rogi: The Weblog EN yes
Germany China Stefan Stiller's Stillers Shanghai News DE yes
UK USA Stuart's Autoblography EN yes
UK Germany Murray's Diary EN yes
USA Germany Alison's Stringbean abroad: the Xpatriate files EN yes
Germany Switzerland Hartmut Abendschein's taberna kritika DE yes
USA Germany Anonymus' AGITPROPOLIS EN yes
USA Spain Rachel's mylifeinspain EN yes
Switzerland Bosnia Toby's Over at Teekay's EN yes
USA Luxembourg Anonymus' EuroYank: an American Alien in Europe.... EN yes
Philippines Germany PINAYexpat's PINAYexpat: In Deutschland EN yes
Romania Germany Cip's De din vale de la Rhein EN, RO yes
Germany Sweden Jeena Paradies' DE, EN yes
England USA Guy Brighton's Wishful Thinking in New York EN yes
England USA Paul Berger's Englishman in New York EN yes
Austria Australia Alexander Zangerl's snafu EN, DE yes
New Zealand Japan Badaunt's present simple EN yes
USA Germany Karl Ostendorf's chicagokarl EN yes
Scotland USA David Galbraith's davidgalbraith's weblog EN yes
USA Spain Kelly Crull's EN yes
USA Italy Melinda Gallo's Living in Florence EN, IT yes
USA England Kate Bolin's katemonkey . co . uk - occasionally, something happens EN yes
Sweden Scotland Carina's Carina's (Swe)Court SE yes
Canada Germany Christina's Mausi EN yes
England Germany Mark Parsons' greenhaddock EN yes
USA Germany Andrew Hammel's German Joys EN yes
Canada Ireland Ell's Greener Pastures EN yes
Argentina Slovenia Carlitos Yoder's Un argentino en Eslovenia ES yes
Germany USA Dirk Hohndel's Random Thoughts EN yes
USA Germany jen's HeisseScheisse EN yes
Scotland France Lesley Graham's Peregrinations EN yes
UK Hungary Timbo's The Hungary Years EN yes
USA Spain Erin's a wandering woman writes from spain EN yes
UK Spain Trevor's k’alebøl EN yes
USA France Erica's Wicked French Kiss EN no
USA Mexico Brian Kemler's Musings from Mexico EN yes
Germany UK Hanno Terveen's DE yes
Germany USA Jörg M. Colberg's Conscientous EN yes
UK USA Steve Lacey's random thoughts EN yes
England Switzerland Nick Luft's GLOG: A Genevan Log EN yes
USA UK A Tennessee ex-pat's The Vol Abroad EN yes
India USA Preya's Dreaming of Hanoi EN yes
England Belgium Stephanie Clark's A lawyer's dream of heaven EN yes
Canada USA Expat's Canadian Expatriates EN yes
Germany Iceland Christian Praetorius' Island-Blog DE yes
Germany Iceland Sebastian Graeber's Tagebuch DE no
Romania France Alexandru Brie's [alex brie . net] RO, EN no
Canada Netherlands A Canadian Girl's Just Dazzle EN yes
USA France Pumpkin Pie's From my French Window EN yes
England Martin Stabe's EN yes
UK Poland Becca's Boo EN yes
Netherlands France Guy La Roche's Non Tibi Spiro EN yes
England Portugal Tim Worstall's Tim Worstall EN yes
UK USA Anonymus' Third Avenue EN yes
Australia Netherlands Suze's Suze Abroad EN no
Netherlands China Fons Tuinstra's China Herald EN yes
China UK Richey's The Dustless Workshop EN yes
Germany USA Tim Leberecht's iPlot EN yes
USA UK Jackie Danicki's Jackie Danicki EN yes
Canada Scotland Anna's Anna Overseas EN yes
England Belgium Aunty Marianne's Tomato And Basil Sandwiches EN yes
Germany Scotland Florian Dargel's FlorianDargel EN yes
USA Germany James Ashburn's American in Dusseldorf EN yes
Germany Canada Sören 'chucker' Kuklau's soeren says EN yes
New Zealand
England Kimberley Verburg's The Earth Beneath Her Feet EN yes
UK Albania Alwyn Thomson's Our Man in Tirana EN yes
UK USA Fiona MacNeill's The Anatomy of an Armpit: life in a hostile land [Abroad] EN yes
UK USA David Jones' David Jones EN yes
Canada UK Mary's Knitting on the Cam EN yes
South Africa UK Adrian Sevitz' s e v i t z d o t c o m | Not as lame as the JediKid EN yes
Canada UK Ian Parker's trailers and dirt EN yes
Germany UK Stefan's A Student's Life EN yes
Switzerland Rebecca's and Marco's Adventures in Switzerland EN, NL yes
USA Spain Almendro's The Spanish Cockpit EN yes
USA Germany Derek Gill Franßen's Legalesed EN, DE yes
USA Germany Adam Lederer's That Queer Expatriate EN yes
Malta UK Sharon Spiteri's Lost in Thought EN yes
England Germany BiB's Broke in Berlin EN yes
Philippines Netherlands The Dutched Pinay's Dutched Pinay on Expatriation EN yes
Argentina Laura Langlois Zurro's Moving to Argentina and
S. Zurro's S'expatrier en Argentine
Austria UK Christof Meerwald's Christof.Meerwalk@blog.www EN yes
Germany UK Laura's Beans on toast EN yes
USA Denmark Allan Jenkins' Allan Jenkins' Desirable Roasted Coffee EN yes
UK Germany Dan's London Dan EN yes
Germany Burkina Faso Various contributors' ADAblog - Ouagadougou calling DE yes
China Denmark Vanessa's storyboard - observations of a globalite EN yes
Germany UK Buck's Buck's Blog DE yes
USA UK Erren's Pond Hopper - The Misadventures of a Jersey Girl that crossed the pond EN yes
England Turkey Frank Gillin's Frank and Joan's adventures in Northern Cyprus EN no
USA Germany J's Germany Doesn't Suck EN yes
USA Germany Michael Scott Moore's Radio Free Mike EN no
USA Austria Pam's Nerd's Eye View EN yes
USA Australia Jennifer's Follow Jen's Life EN yes
Germany England Karsten's inselblick DE yes
Netherlands Spain Jeroen Sangers' Brain Tags EN yes
Germany England Bettina's I can do waffle in my sleep EN yes
Germany Scotland Steffi Bach's Cartside EN yes
England Germany Andy's i am a doughnut EN yes
USA Germany Claire's My Euro-American Life EN yes
Norway USA Per Johan Johansen's So sue me EN yes
Germany England Henriette's Henriettes Inselbote DE yes
Germany Ireland Valentin's valentin tomaschek :: dublin - ireland DE yes
England Norway Daniel M. Harrison's HARRISONtalk EN yes
England Germany Craig Robinson's Flip Flop Flying EN yes
USA Germany Michelle's JeweledConcrete EN yes
USA Germany Richard's German Diary EN yes
England Italy Yael's With a Rebel Yael EN yes
Germany Canada Pia's Windrose DE yes
USA Thailand Bangkok Joe's Thailand Blog and Thai stories by Bangkok Expat EN no
Netherlands Germany Arnoud Rancuret's rancuret abroad EN yes
Germany China Erik Hehrmann's BACKEIS DE yes
USA Taiwan Jonathan Benda's Notes of a former native speaker EN yes
USA Taiwan Michael Turton's The View from Taiwan EN yes
Netherlands France Heikki Doeleman's Nice - Cote d'Azur EN,PT,NL yes
Germany Norway Kathi's Das Norwegen Blog EN,DE yes
UK Malaysia Peter Darling's Peter Darling EN no
USA England Wellington Grey's Grey's Journal EN yes
Germany Switzerland Arne Völker's DE yes
Germany China Jakob's Jiajia & Jakobs WG-Zimmer DE yes
Austria Germany Henrik Mitsch's Henrik Mitsch's Blog - bits and pieces EN yes
USA Italy Shelley's At Home in Rome EN yes
USA Morocco Maryam's My Marrakesh EN yes
USA Slovakia Amanda Surbey's Bratislava Diary EN yes
USA UK Alexandra's towering intellect EN yes
Canada Mexico Sam's Postcards from Mexico EN yes
France India Adeline The French Bakery in Bangalore- Boulangerie Française à Bangalore EN, FR yes
USA UK Jacki Banks' Neurotic Traveler EN yes
Austria UK Schubi's ::[]:: DE yes
South Africa Netherlands Alan's Reluctant Nomad EN yes
USA Italy Brendan's Il Blog Enogastronomico di Brendan EN no?
USA Germany Anonymus' Schokolade Mädchen in München EN yes
Sweden Saudi-Arabia Sous' S as in Saudi EN yes
Germany Austria Herr Moeller's demherrmoeller sein weblog DE, EN yes
USA Mexico Working Gringos' Yucatan Living EN yes
USA Kenya
Anonymus' (?) Cheetahs Nevah Prospah EN yes
Germany Canada Gisela Bach's Guildwood Village on the Lake and Toronto's abused shopping carts EN yes
England USA Emma Kaufmann's Mommy Has A Headache EN yes
Finland Ireland Rahina's ¦ blog FI, EN yes
USA Estonia Rachel Grace's illumineerima EN yes
Germany England Christiane Link's Behindertenparkplatz DE yes
USA Scotland Alex Krogh-Grabbe's Dùn Èideann Wayfaring EN yes
Germany Switzerland Jens-Rainer Wiese's Blogwiese DE yes
Germany Brazil Dietmar Lang's brasilblog DE yes
Scotland Switzerland Ms. Mac's Meanderings EN yes
Canada Taiwan Joanna Rees' Joanna Rees Photography EN yes
Germany England Frederik's Frederik in London DE yes
Germany Mexico Andreas Bohn's Die Auswanderer DE yes
England Germany Anonymus' Bowlerised EN yes
England Burkina Faso Stephen Davies' Voice in the Desert EN yes
Germany Thailand Patrick Kollitsch's die DE yes
Germany Israel Lila's Letters from Rungholt DE yes
Germany China Michael Mehlfeld (Mitch)'s DE yes
Germany England Marion's Hiya EN yes
USA France Barbara's Home in France - News for family & friends - EN yes

Sometimes people decide to return home after a period abroad, their blogs are listed on Returned Expats.