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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Sep/2003: "Look Ma, no wires!"

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Look Ma, no wires!

When I started to think about how to transfer the data from my old to my new laptop I had a slight problem: What's the best way to get several gigabyte of data transfered? I could burn new CDs with all the data. I could rebuild it from the various backups I made over the year. I could buy some kind of cable and transfer it that way. I could try to get the infrared port to work.

Until I remembered that both have Bluetooth installed: My old one via a PCMCIA card, the new one has it built in. After a few attempts I managed to connect them and started to transfer files.

Admittedly it's not the fastest way of transfering data, but it works well and I have no extra costs. I think the people who developed Bluetooth have done a quite good job. Now I only need to set up the Bluetooth connection to my mobile phone again, so that I can go online when I'm travelling and can't get to a WiFi hotspot.

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