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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/May/2003: "Comments -vs- Feedback"

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Comments -vs- Feedback

Having reverted back to manual blogging a few people asked me about how the comments work. Stuart Mudie asked me "Do you add them in yourself at a later date? That's a lot of coding if you do".

No, I don't intend to do that. Basically that's why I called the form at the bottom of each page Feedback. It allows my readers to send me feedback, further links or thoughts about a topic. If the radio button for "private" is selected, the content is only for me and I won't use it in a future blog entry. However, if the radio button for "public" is selected, I might (though not necessarily will) use it in a future blog entry.

In that case I might link to a website mentioned in the feedback or possibly quote parts of the feedback, all depending on the context. I would obviously give credit to the person sending the feedback and if applicable link to their website (e-mail addresses will never be published).

As others have sent similar feedback (Hi Stefan ;-)) I might have to make this clearer. May be adding better explanations? I've already changed any references to comments to feedback. I'll think about it. But the feedback form stays.

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