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Ministry of Propaganda - 09/Aug/2009: "Time Lapse Video of Aldermaston Wharf Lock"

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Time Lapse Video of Aldermaston Wharf Lock

Somehow I'm quite getting into these time lapse videos. After the Time Lapse Video of Kennet and Avon Canal and Another Time Lapse Video of the Kennet and Avon Canal I've created a third time lapse video today. While the first two videos were from my flat looking down on to the canal and stationary from one point I decided to head down to the canal today. This time the video is from right at the Aldermaston Wharf lock and from multiple angles:


The two previous videos covered a much longer period of several hours, this only covers about 50 minutes of action. While the pictures for the other two videos were taken with the ‘interval function’ of the camera at 30 second intervals (the shortest setting) I had to do this one manually. In other words, I stood next to the camera and took a picture approximately every 5 seconds. Played at 15 fps this condensed the 50 minutes into 36 seconds.

Considering it was mostly improvised and I picked the camera angles as I followed the boats through the lock I'm quite pleased with the result. At least for me the video really follows the boats through the lock. I hope it does the same for you.

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