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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Nov/2006: "Marlborough to Manton Autumn Walk"

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Marlborough to Manton Autumn Walk

Picture of a football game in the autumn sunshine
Picture of low autumn sunshine shining through some trees
Picture of autumn colours in a wood

When I looked at the weather forecast on Friday it looked very promising for Sunday. Lots of sunshine after a grey and dull Saturday. When I looked on Saturday the picture had changed, sunny intervals on Saturday but clouds and rain on Sunday. How was it going to look on Sunday morning?

When I got up this morning it was still quite cloudy, so I completed the page for the drive from Kinlochewe to Tarbert on my Scotland Summer 2006 travelogue before I went for my morning run. During the run I had the inspiration for my first (and probably last) novella, which I wrote late in the morning and early in the afternoon.

After lunch it looked like it was clearing up towards the south, so I decided to drive to Marlborough for a quick walk and change of scenery. The walk turned out better (and longer) than I had initially expected:

I parked on High Street and walked south to Marlborough College, the grounds are quite nice although unfortunately the chapel is currently surrounded by scaffolding. By now the sun had come out, I watched a football game for a while before walking on to St George's Church, crossing River Kennet on the way.

Past the church and Preshute House I followed a minor road to Manton. Some nice views with the afternoon sunshine coming through the trees in their autumn colours. Having arrived in Manton I thought about a pint in the local pub, unfortunately the Oddfellows Arms (sorry, no website I could find) was closed for the afternoon. Now I had two options, either walk back the same way or try to find a path for a circular walk.

I decided to try to find a circular walk and walked up to Manton Drove, past Sunrise Farm. Here I was able to turn east again, joining the Wansdyke Path and the White Horse Trail. This took me back to Marlborough, past Granham Hill and through some nice woods. After just over 1.5 hours and approx 3.5 miles I arrived back on Marlborough High Street. A very nice and relaxing Sunday afternoon walk!

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