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Ministry of Propaganda - 29/Sep/2006: "Slashdotted (kind of)"

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Slashdotted (kind of)

Screenshot of a section of Slashdot

While I'm waiting for the rain to subside (it's pouring it down here in Swindon) before I go on my morning run I'd like to welcome any Slashdot readers who find their way to this entry (or the main blog page for now). When I took a quick glance at my stats this morning I noticed my page impressions for this site seemed to have gone through the roof. As I had some time left (have I mentioned it was pouring it down with rain?) I thought I take a quick look at my logfiles.

Almost at the top of the referers was an entry about Giant Insect Invading Germany. But what did that have to do with me? So I scrolled down until I found the 'fun' comment, which linked to my Google Maps and Strange Roads entry from two weeks ago.

As of writing this more than 6000 have clicked through from Slashdot, I'll see tomorrow how many more will come over the next couple of hours or day. However many you are, I hope you enjoy the entry and anything else you might find on this blog.

Oh, and it's still pouring it down with rain. Not that you care, just thought I mention it anyway. Now there's thunder as well, I think. When will it stop?

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