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Ministry of Propaganda - 29/Sep/2006: "Big Country"

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Big Country

It's all Gideon's fault. Blame him. Gideon Coe that is. One of the features on his show is the Great Lost Album. Today he picked The Crossing by Big Country. Wow, that took me back to my youth, growing up in Germany. Watching them on Rockpalast (sorry, site is in German) back in the 80s. Michael Marsch has created the Rockpalast Archive (this site has an English version), where I found that the concert I remember was the 17th Rockpalast Rocknight on the 15th and 16th of March 1986. That's a long time ago...

While there seems to be a DVD available from that concert I wanted some instant gratification and went to YouTube instead. Here are a few videos I've found:

(That's enough nostalgia, get back to work! Ed.)

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