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Ministry of Propaganda - 23/Sep/2006: "Swindon Then and Now is Complete"

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Swindon Then and Now is Complete

Just a quick update on what I mentioned on Wednesday: I've just completed the Swindon - Then and Now page for my Swindon & Wiltshire pages. For this I've taken the pictures James Max Porter took of Swindon in the 1940s and have tried to take similar pictures of the same places again in September 2006, 60 years later. Some of the places seem to have hardly changed at all, others are very difficult to recognise now.

This was quite a fun project, I hope some of my readers will enjoy looking at the page. Anyone interested in more old pictures of Swindon might also want to visit the Historic Swindon pages by BBC Wiltshire, there are tons of material there. I haven't watched it yet, but Brown's Towns: Swindon could be quite interesting to see. I have to finish a few other things this weekend, but hope to watch it soon.

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