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Ministry of Propaganda - 20/Sep/2006: "Working on Swindon Then and Now"

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Working on Swindon Then and Now

Composite picture of the Goddard Arms Hotel in 1945 and 2006

On Monday I mentioned my plans to create a 'Swindon - Now and Then' page to complement my pictures of Swindon in the 1940s page. Yesterday I managed to take the missing pictures I will need for the page. And today I started working on the page:

It's far from finished, but the first three combinations are now online for the Swindon - Then and Now page. I hope to finish the page over the next few days, latest over the weekend.

Where possible I'll link to websites of the current occupants of the buildings, although I won't always do it. One business I don't agree with (I'll let you figure out which one that is...), so I won't provide the link even though they have a website.

I'll probably write a quick entry once the page is complete, I'll also add it to the RSS news feed for my travelogue site then.

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