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Ministry of Propaganda - 13/Jul/2006: "Holiday Planning"

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Holiday Planning

In three weeks I will be leaving for my summer holidays, as usual I will spend the two weeks in Scotland. So far, so good. Only one slight problem with it: For a large part I haven't booked anything, I haven't even decided yet where I'm going to go in Scotland for more than a week of the two weeks. Really time to collect a few ideas and make decisions:

The easy bit is the part already planned (and booked): As every summer since 1998 I will spend a few days on the Isle of Islay, relaxing, tasting Islay Single Malt Whisky, hillwalking, wildlife watching, relaxing, enjoying good food, taking pictures, meeting friends, beachwalking and to an extent collect material and ideas for, my blog about the Isle of Islay.

Last year I went to Conival and Ben More Assynt, Sandwood Bay and a few other places in Assynt and Sutherland, so I'm not going to go there this year. Let me note down a few options:

So many choices! Decisions, decisions, decisions... I'll need to think about this and start making inquiries this weekend. Comments, suggestions and recommendations welcome, I've got about 7-8 days to fill.

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