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Ministry of Propaganda - 07/Jun/2006: "Strange Practices at npower"

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Strange Practices at npower

Scan of the npower invoice with the estimates highlighted

Having just wasted more than 15 minutes of my life in npower's queue listening to Your call is important to us, we apologise for the continued delay until I gave up I'm now really annoyed. If my call was really important to them, they would employ more call centre staff and answer my call instead letting me wait for 15+ minutes! Now to the reason for my (unanswered) call:

I've just received my latest electricity bill from npower. On the bill it says Recent price changes have been applied to this bill. The periods charged at different rates are indicated by meter readings. No problem with that as such.

However, the interim meter readings are estimates. Is this real? Are they really asking me to pay increased prices for the period after the price change based on an estimate?

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with estimates as such. If the estimate is wrong I can provide my own meter reading or 'catch up' on the next meter reading.

Only that is not possible here, as the time to check the meter at the time of the price change is obviously gone. I could therefore be overpaying npower based on incorrect meter estimates.

That doesn't look like good business practice to me, I think any auditor would/should question bills based on this. Looking at my previous bill again this seems to be standard practice with npower and I should have questioned it with that bill already. I also wonder what energywatch would say to this? I've sent an e-mail to npower's customer relations team with a text very similar to the above, let's see what they say...

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