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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/Jun/2006: "Out And About"

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Out And About

Picture of stone pillars for underfloor heating in the remains of a Roman house
Picture of a beergarden with trees and a pond

On my sister's birthday (Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag auch hier, Imke!) the summer finally seems to have arrived here in England, a very nice sunny and warm day. Managed to fit in three things into one journey:

First a quick visit to Cotswold Outdoor to buy a pair of Meindl Emotion XCR shoes. Despite a lot of other temptations I managed to control my credit card and make it my only purchase.

Second was a longer visit to the Chedworth Roman Villa. It (or what remained of it) was discovered and excavated in 1864, in 1924 it was transfered to the National Trust. There was less to see than I had thought (partly because some of the shelters to protect the mosaics etc are only open on one side), nevertheless I found a few interesting things. I had seen similar systems before, but was still impressed by the underfloor heating systems the Romans developed and built 1700 years ago. The floor of the living quarters stood on pillars, leaving a space under the floor through which hot air was circulated, heating the room. Probably worked better than the stupid Economy 7 heating I have today...

Third and last I stopped at the Fossebridge Inn for a pint. I had a Hook Norton ale, which I enjoyed on a bench at the pond near the River Coln. A very relaxing end to a nice afternoon!

And now I'm enjoying an Erdinger Weißbier (found some at Tesco yesterday) before I'm off to a bath and a good night's sleep. Possibly more blogging tomorrow, here or at the IslayBlog.

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