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Ministry of Propaganda - 20/May/2006: "Joyrider or Accident?"

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Joyrider or Accident?

Picture of a partly burned lawnmower lying on the side in a ditch

While I'm waiting for my sister to select a few pictures from her horse trekking holiday I thought I quickly blog this, as I've got nothing better to do at the moment. A few days ago (Thursday morning to be precise) I noticed something unusual next to the foot/cycle path where I go jogging in the morning:

A burned out lawnmower (the mini tractor type version, not sure what they're called). I have no idea how it got there, only thing I know is that it wasn't there on Wednesday morning. So far I haven't seen anything on the Wiltshire Police News, at least nothing showed up in their RSS feed. Was it stolen by someone who thought joyriding with a tractor lawnmower was fun? Or did it malfunction when a worker was driving it along the path?

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