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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/May/2006: "Busy"

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Wow, three blog entries on three days in a row, almost looks like I'm back in the mood. But then again there probably won't be much if any blogging over the next few days. I've started working on the panoramas for the last walk of the WalkIslay 2006 travelogue, our walk on The Oa on the Isle of Islay:

Picture of a panoramic view of walkers sitting on a cliff overlooking the sea

I hope to continue working on them Friday evening, but I also have a few other things to finish on Friday evening. Then on Saturday I'll pick up my sister from Wales again. If we find the time we might post a few pictures from her week of horse trekking in Wales when we get back to Swindon. Weather permitting we hope to go on a walk on Sunday, I'm thinking about taking her on the walk I completed in February, stopping at the pub for lunch.

In other words, most likely there won't be much, if any, blogging until earliest Monday evening.

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