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Ministry of Propaganda - 19/Mar/2006: "Song And Air"

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Song And Air

Song: Now bank and brae are clothered in green, And scattered cowslips sweetly spring; By Girvan's fairy haunted stream The birdies flit on wanton wing. To Cassills' banks when ev'ning fa's, There with my Mary let me flee, There catch her ilka glance of love, The bonie blink o' Mary's e'e. Air: Haydn - Scottish Songs for George Thomson II (Haydn Trio Eisenstadt, Lorna Anderson, Jamie MacDougall).

When I sat in the sun this afternoon I listened to the above, one of the CDs from the Joseph Haydn - Scottish Songs Project by the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt, Lorna Anderson and Jamie MacDougall. Fantastic. Brilliant music. And beautiful lyrics (even though I had to use the notes, my Scots isn't good enough to understand everything).

If you're wondering why I called this entry 'Song And Air' a quote from the sleeve notes: In 18th-century Scotland the term 'song' had a very different meaning from the one we know today. It referred not to the music, but to the poetry, while the term 'air' was used to refer to the melody. Don't say you can't learn anything from reading blogs.

With that I'm signing off, listen to a few more songs before I go to bed.

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