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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Mar/2006: "Renewable Energy"

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Renewable Energy

With the recent cold snaps here in the UK (I hope we get spring soon...) gas and with it electricity prices have increased significantly, just this Monday the wholesale price for gas quadrupled. As I'm currently renting I have little influence on how I'm supplied with energy (let alone how I waste it, the insulation of my flat is quite appalling), but once I buy my own house I'm going to look into renewable energy as soon as possible.

Growing up in the north west of Germany the use of wind power is nothing new to me (There were a lot of wind turbines around, I think most of them from Enercon). While they can be eyesores they have their uses if used wisely. Solar power was also up and coming when I left Germany 11 years ago. As a regular visitor to Islay I have visited the Wavegen Limpet wave energy device. While it had and probably still has its problems I think it is a great idea and promising technology.

It seems something is finally moving in the UK, at least if I can trust the recent power from the people report by the BBC News Magazine. While unfortunately not deployed in the UK (yet) another pioneering wave power machine has been developed in Scotland by Ocean Power Delivery. This will be interesting to follow.

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