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Ministry of Propaganda - 11/Mar/2006: "Age Discrimination?"

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Age Discrimination?

A few years ago the doorman at a bar here in Swindon didn't want to let me in, initially declining to give me a reason. When a friend of mine asked if it was the Scotland Rugby shirt I was wearing he reluctantly admitted, yes, that was the reason. So I took it off and was let in without any problem. While I admittedly am quite tall (6ft3) and have fairly short cropped hair I claim I don't look like a nasty thug. Nevertheless I didn't make much of it and certainly didn't go to the press with it.

Others think they don't have to play by the rules:

They go shopping wearing a hooded top or complain if they're asked to take off their hat in a pub. Sure, both were women and they are 58 and 82 years old respectively. But I fail to see why that should make them exempt of the conventions or rules in place. Their argument is that they don't look like a nasty thug or that they have 10 hats in their wardrobe and could not understand how her black rain hat with a smart maroon ribbon had fallen foul of pub regulations.

So what? A lot of young people might have bad hair days and want to hide their messy hair under a hoodie. Or they might wear hats as a fashion accessory, which doesn't make them bad people. And just because they're younger they shouldn't be allowed to do it?

I think the landlord despite being heavily critizised is right when he says, we cannot be seen to be discriminating between the youths and the elderly people. Either everyone should be asked to remove hoodies, hats or team colours or no-one. Otherwise I think it's just a discrimination of younger people based on stereotypes and prejudices.

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