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Ministry of Propaganda - 21/Feb/2006: "Recent Reading"

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Recent Reading

Well, the flat was cleaned and the Scotland Winter 2005 travelogue completed over the weekend. The landlord (well, the estate agent, they perform the check) seemed to be happy with the state of the flat. First feedback indicates that the travelogue and the pictures turned out reasonably well. So instead of returning to blogging I spent some time reading:

First I finished the last stories in The Best British Mysteries, edited by Maxim Jakubowski. As usual in these anthologies by Jakubowski some great selections again. Ian Rankin's Saint Nicked is a nice short Inspector Rebus story. 24 Hours From Tulsa by Martin Edwards is an interesting variation of the death of a salesman. Peter Robinson is best known for his Inspector Banks series, here he moves a few hundred years back and to Vienna for The Duke's Wife. And there are a lot more good stories in this book. I enjoyed reading most of them.

Next was The Man Who Smiled by Henning Mankell, a book in the Inspector Kurt Wallander series. First the annoying part: Why aren't the books translated and published in chronological order? I'd prefer to read them 'in the right order' and not now read about a new member being introduced into the team I already read about in a 'later' book some time last year. But back to this book: After not being entirely convinced by the last book I read from the series I quite liked this one again. I read the whole book pretty much in one go, even though that meant a fairly short night. A really nasty villain which is difficult to catch, quite a lot of suspense even though it was clear who the bad guy was quite early on and a better translation (I think) than in the last book I read. More like this please.

(That's enough crime! Ed.)

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