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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/Jan/2005: "Busy"

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Picture of Armin with a speech bubble saying he's busy

Quite busy today with all kind of non-blogging things. Some web-related, some not. Meaning not much time to blog right now. I recommend to visit the following pages in the meantime:

The Rough Bounds of Knoydart (Scotland) - a great travelogue of walking in Knoydart by Bert and Saskia. Knoydart has been on my to do list for a while now, this makes sure it remains there and moves it up the list. Hope to get there within the next 1-3 years.

Completely different topic: 10/20/30 rule of Powerpoint. Fairly long but well worth the read, some very interesting points about presentations and how to prepare them. (via vowe dot net)

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