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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Dec/2005: "Boxing Day Walk"

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Boxing Day Walk

Picture of three people walking through some bare trees
Picture of ice on a flooded field
Picture of the Grewe family walking

And then it was Boxing Day. Two fairly recently added traditions were completed today: First my mother made some Kohl und Pinkel for lunch. Then we went for a nice afternoon walk:

We drove to Borgfeld just outside of Bremen. We left the car near a bridge over the River Wümme and then left for a walk through the Naturschutzgebiet Borgfelder Wümmewiesen (a nature reserve).

The nature reserve consists mainly of grassland, a large part of it flooded at the moment. The river Wümme was also quite high and had burst its banks in places (I believe this is deliberate). There are several foot and cycle paths going through the reserve, quite a few people using them for a Boxing Day stroll.

It was fairly cold, just above freezing, with a cold wind blowing. There was also some ice left in a few places from frost the night before, giving some nice views.

We walked for just over an hour, also taking pictures of ourselves. Another walker noticed my sister taking pictures of our parents and me and was so kind to take a few pictures of the whole Grewe family.

Tomorrow I'll fly back to the UK while my sister will take the train back south to Heidelberg. Back to work for me on Wednesday, my sister returns to work on Thursday and our parents are retired anyway.

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