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Ministry of Propaganda - 14/Dec/2005: "Progress On 3rd, 4th To Do Kicked Off"

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Progress On 3rd, 4th To Do Kicked Off

The third item from my to do list for this week is making good progress and I've also started on the fourth item: While my laptop was working on the first panoramas for the Beinn Narnain page of the Scotland Summer 2005 travelogue I've started to write my Christmas cards and wrote the first three cards. One of the panoramas I had hoped for turned out very well:

Picture of a panoramic view over hills and lochs

Isn't that view fantastic? For a much better view you can try the QuickTime VR panorama of the view south west from Beinn Narnain (3MB). I hope to create further panoramas with more great views over the next few days, keep your fingers crossed that they will work.

(That's enough. More Christmas cards and panoramas tomorrow. Ed.)

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