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Ministry of Propaganda - 11/Dec/2005: "To-Do-List"

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Somehow didn't really get that much done this weekend, just wasted too much time on all kind of fairly unimportant things and distractions. With only two weeks to go until Christmas it's time that I get a few things done, so let's write a to do list for next week. Let's see how much I can cross off by the end of the week:

(That's enough things to do. Leave something to do for the week before Christmas. Ed.)

Almost bedtime. Weekend over. Seems the smoke hasn't arrived yet or at least not very much. It doesn't seem to smell of smoke more than usual here in Old Town Swindon for a Sunday evening. So it might well be the smoke from people burning their garden rubbish which they usually do on a Sunday.

That's it. Hold on, one last thing for this weekend: I en Rosa Helikopter (Found at Century of Slang). Pink helicopters are cool. Even though I've no idea what they're singing about (apart from that they're flying in a pink helicopter).

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