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Ministry of Propaganda - 28/Nov/2005: "Blogger Glühwein in Glasgow?"

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Blogger Glühwein in Glasgow?

Any bloggers from (or currently in) Glasgow reading this? Stuart? Gordon? Katie? Bagger (and beer blogger)? Anyone from Scottish Blogs, especially the Glasgow section? Anyone else? I'm going to be in Glasgow for a long weekend from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning, staying in a hotel in Renfrew Street. Weather permitting I hope to go hillwalking during the day but also plan to go out in Glasgow in the evenings.

Any of you up for a drink with a German living in England and coming up to Glasgow for (yet another) long weekend? May be a Glühwein (mulled wine) at the German Christmas Market at St Enoch (I can tell you more about Glühwein and German Christmas if you want)? Or a pint at a pub you recommend, preferably in walking distance from Renfrew Street (Glasgow School of Art)? Or even some food if you know of a good place I should try?

Let me know by Wednesday (I'm leaving from Swindon around 6pm) if you're interested and hopefully we can organise something.

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