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Ministry of Propaganda - 14/Nov/2005: "Meme Breaker"

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Meme Breaker

Nice try guys. Goetz and CK of the SelfHTML crowd over in Germany are trying to stick a meme on to me: Ab ins Archiv. Finde den 23ten Artikel, den Du geschrieben hast. Finde den 5ten Satz, poste ihn und reiche das Stöckchen weiter an 5 Leute. Which in English means as much as:

Go to your archive, find the 23rd entry, then find the fifth sentence and post it. Well, this is where it stops, as the entry only has four sentences.

Meaning I won't pass it on to five people. I'm breaking the chain (or the meme) here. Certainly until you've bribed me by posting a picture of you and your Schultüte. This applies to CK, Goetz, Jeena, Schuer and xwolf. That's five, that'll do nicely.

(That's enough memes, write something interesting. Ed.)

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