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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Nov/2005: "Bremer Kaffeehausorchester"

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Bremer Kaffeehausorchester

My first Bremer Klaben of the season has just come out of the oven, an excellent opportunity to write about the perfect music to listen to while eating it: Music played by the Bremer Kaffeehausorchester. Five Musicians with their instruments: Flute, violin, violoncello, double bass and piano. I believe they started around 1990, I know they published their first CD in 1995 (I've got that CD as well as the other seven which have followed so far). They play 'coffee house music' and classical music, among others music from Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms, Franz Lehár or Edward Elgar. Great music! But there's another reason I'm blogging about it now:

Even though I grew up in Bremen I have never seen them in a concert. Partly because I had already moved away by the time they started, partly because my visits to Bremen since then have been so short that there never was the opportunity to see them. But if everything goes to plan this is about to change:

On Tuesday 15/Nov/2005 the Bremer Kaffeehausorchester will play at the CAMRA Winter Ales Fayre 2005 in Dudley Town Hall. This is just over 80 miles (or something between 1.5 and 2 hrs) from Swindon, which makes it doable to drive over for the evening (leaving work a bit earlier). Apparently entrance is free (or included in the entry fee to the beer fest), so I just need to make sure I get there early enough to get in and find a seat. I considered staying over night in order to be able to also enjoy the beer festival, but I'm very busy at work so that probably won't be possible. The music will have to be sufficient.

Wish me luck, if everything goes to plan I'll blog about it on Wednesday.

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