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Ministry of Propaganda - 16/Oct/2005: "Glen Affric Pages Are Done"

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Glen Affric Pages Are Done

This took much longer than expected, but the Glen Affric and Màm Sodhail page is now complete. Well, it was a long day (something like 9hrs of walking), so writing about it and selecting the pictures as well as preparing the panoramas should take a while. I managed to add a QuickTime VR panorama of the view into Coire Leachavie from Màm Sodhail as well.

Panoramic view over ridges and corries in the Scottish Highlands

The day was quite cloudy so the pictures didn't come out as well as they would have on a sunny day, I'm still quite happy with the results though. The walk certainly was one of the best I've done the last few years, the pictures don't fully do it justice. I don't think they can really do this anyway, actually standing on the top of a Munro can't be replaced by pictures of the view. The wide views, the colours, the silence (on a calm day), the whistling of the wind (on a windy day), they just have to be experienced. Not to forget the relaxing tiredness after a day walking.

Anyway, this page pretty much completes the first half of the travelogue. One short page about the drive south to Argyll and then I'll start with the pages from the second week of my holiday which I spent on Islay.

I hope to find some time for proper blogging (i.e links to pages other than my own) tomorrow, it's late today and I have to get to bed.

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