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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Sep/2005: "Call. Me. Now."

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Call. Me. Now.

At the moment it's quiet at the spam front, giving me some time to do more important things. Well, kind of. I had played with the thought for a while and when I did my shopping at Tesco I noticed a Creative Headset HS-300 for £15. No idea if that's a good price, but I bought it anyway. And finally installed Skype.

I have no idea if I'm really going to use this much, but I thought I'll try it anyway. If you have the urgent need to talk to me and have Skype installed you can reach me at armingrewe. Well, assuming I'm online and have it running and want to talk to you.

The main reason I installed it is because calls to other Skype users are free (regardless of the location), so I hope to have free calls with my mother and sister once I get them to install it (and they have a headset/ microphone). I called my mother via SkypeOut earlier, the sound quality was quite good. Not as good as an old fashioned landline, but better than I had expected.

(Stop talking! We want you to write, not talk! Ed.)

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