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Ministry of Propaganda - 16/Sep/2005: "My Schultüte"

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My Schultüte

Picture of Armin with his 'Schultuete' standing in front of a blackboard

Apologies it has been a bit quiet here the last few days, I've been very busy at work and was too tired to post in the evening. I'm reporting back for duty with a picture of me with my 'Schultüte'. Most non-German readers will probably think, 'his what?'

Well, help is at hand, from a Canadian in Germany: Almost a month ago Christina (aka Mausi) wrote about starting school and in particular 'Schultüten' in Germany.

Remembering that I had a picture of me with my 'Schultüte' somewhere on my harddrive (thanks to my mother, who scanned a lot of pictures from our childhood a few years ago) I bookmarked the entry to blog about it some day. This is the entry.

Thinking about it, may be I could start a meme with this? Something like 'post a picture of you on your first day at school'? Did Stuart wear a kilt on his first day at school? Was Ralf dressed like an art-director or like a little punk rocker? Did Konstantin have a Schultüte? Was Matthew a little geek when he started school? How many gadgets did Josh have in his schoolgadgetbag? I demand to know. Ideally with proof in form of a picture. Come on, join in. And pass it on.

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