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Ministry of Propaganda - 11/Sep/2005: "Sister's Gone Riding"

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Sister's Gone Riding

The drive over to Wales was more challenging than we had hoped for, but my sister is at the Cwwmfforest Riding Centre in Wales now. When we got stuck in traffic near Gloucester my car overheated, luckily everything was OK again after we stopped for 20min. Not sure exactly what happened there. And then the rain.

The weather forecast had predicted heavy rain and even issued a severe weather warning. We had some of the heaviest rain I've seen for quite a while, driving wasn't exactly fun with a lot of standing water on the roads. At least we were dry in the car, a luxury the rugby players at Gloucester didn't have. Later we heard that the cricket was also impacted by the rain.

At least there was one positive thing about the rain, even if indirectly. And it's also the real reason for this post. We decided to stop at a pub for a bite to eat and some rest. The pub looks like a good find and I intend to return to The Farmer's Boy Inn at Box Bush, Longhope, Gloucestershire. This entry should help me to remember where to find it.

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