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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/Jul/2005: "Holiday Preparation"

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Holiday Preparation

Not long to go now until I leave for my summer holidays. Time to check that everything is ready for it. And what's left to do. I've got the nasty feeling there's still quite a lot outstanding. Let's see what I can think of:

  1. Explorer 352: Islay South? Check.
  2. Explorer 353: Islay North? Check.
  3. Explorer 355: Jura and Scarba? Missing, have to get that one if I want to get up the Paps of Jura.
  4. Explorer 364: Loch Lomond North? Check.
  5. Explorer 442: Assynt & Lochinver? Goes on to the shopping list. Mandatory to get up on Ben More Assynt etc
  6. Explorer 446: Durness & Cape Wrath? I think I'll add that to the list, should I decide to visit Sandwood Bay and Cape Wrath
  7. Explorer 414: Glen Shiel & Kintail Forest and Explorer 415: Glen Affric & Glen Moriston? Should I get this now or buy it on the way should I decide to go there?
  1. The Raveonettes - Pretty in Black. Even if it's only for 'Love in a Trashcan'.
  2. Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made. Hey, it's Teenage Fanclub, should be good by definition. Or will have to be Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Six Seconds on endless repeat again?
  3. Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything - Steven Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner has been on my shopping/reading list for a while, might as well get it for the holiday.
  1. I think I could need a few more Lowe Alpine Dryflo T Shirts
  2. Not in the colour I currently have, but a new pair of Meindl Magic Men 2.0 is something I need.
  3. I guess that means a visit to Cotswold Outdoor in Cirencester later today.

I think that's it for now. I wonder how much I've forgotten...

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