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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Jul/2005: "Strange Things Are Happening"

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Strange Things Are Happening

Not sure what is going on in the world, but some strange things are happening out there. Some things I don't understand, some things shouldn't be happening if you read the common wisdom in the mainstream press. Where do I start, let's try the amazing wisdom of some parliaments and governments:

In the US Congress is getting excited about hidden sex scenes in GTA. I don't know much (if anything) about computer games, but to my knowledge Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is about crime, shooting and the like. So for kids to kill people is OK, whereas sex isn't. Sex scenes result in an adult rating, violence doesn't. I guess I don't have to understand that.

In Germany lawmakers introduce a ban of flights over the government quarter in Berlin. Huh, that will have the terrorists shaking in their boots: "Ooooh, they've banned us from flying over the parliament!!!!1 How are we going to crash a plane into it now? What are we going to do? It's illegal!!!" Security theatre...

OK, slight change of topic. Four headlines from the BBC business pages today:

  1. Consumer slowdown hits UK growth
  2. Germany shows signs of recovery
  3. Job fears dent US consumer morale
  4. Tax rises 'unlikely before 2007' (The weakness of UK economy means there are unlikely to be any tax rises for at least two years, a research group says)

Done, now spot the odd one out. I thought the US and the UK were the role models while Germany was in desparate need for reform?

And finally, is Jason Kottke on some kind of retro trip today, rediscovering all the junk from 5 years ago? So far he's posted the bloody dancing ham(p)sters, the last page of the internet and 'I kiss you' Mahir. Nostalgia...

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